Conflict of Interest (COI) Policies

CRE conducted a study of various conflict of interest (COI) policies at other campuses and composed a detailed memo that details different COI strategies.
After discussion on DivCo regarding these policies, it was decided to test run the UC Riverside model, which has each standing committee compose a COI statement at the start of the year (or, equivalently, have as a consent item to approve the previous year's statement).
The Merced Division Standing Committee COI policies are linked below.
  • DivCo - forthcoming
  • CAP
  • CoC
  • COR - forthcoming
  • D&E - forthcoming
  • FWAF - forthcoming
  • GC
  • P&T - forthcoming
  • CRE -  forthcoming
  • UGC

UC Merced's CRE memo regarding COI issues