Committee for Diversity and Equity (D&E)


  • The committee chair or designee serves as the division representative to the systemwide University Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity.
  • Initiates appropriate studies and reports on campus diversity and equity.
  • Acts for the division in all matters of equality and diversity in general and in particular in reference to underrepresented faculty populations.
  • As needed reviews, evaluates and proposes revisions to institutional policies and procedures as they relate to equality and diversity.
  • Reports to the division on recruitment, promotion and retention of faculty from underrepresented groups. The committee provides advice to the Academic Senate on issues relating to diversity and equal opportunity in the university community. 
  • Reviews information on diversity and equity provided by campus and systemwide administration and advises the division and the administration accordingly.

2016-2017 Membership

Ex-Officio (non-voting)

Simrin Takhar
Principal Analyst
Phone: 209-228-4369