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Undergraduate Council and Graduate Council have authority for all undergraduate and graduate education programs and policies, respectively.

Establishment or Revision of Academic Degree Programs

Campus Policy

Academic Degree Programs Approval Process 


Academic Degree Programs: UGC's Review/Approval Policy

Minors Policy


Procedures for Submitting Proposals for Graduate Emphasis Areas and Graduate Groups Proposal Programs

CCGA Handbook

Process for Establishing Concentrations and Designated Emphasis within Graduate Degree Programs

Grad Group Summary Form - Word

Grad Group Summary Form - PDF


Course Request/Modification

Division Policy & Workflows

Curriculog Tutorials

Log into Curriculog

Navigating Curriculog

Navigating Complex Proposals in Curriculog

Create a Proposal

Make a Decision on a Proposal

Create and Manage an Agenda

Credit Hour Policy

Distance or Blended Course Approval Requests: Supplemental Questions

New Joint CRF Management System Workflow


Procedures and Policies for Approval of New and Revised Undergraduate Courses

CRF Style Guide


Graduate Course Approval and CRF Process

CRF Process check list  (undergoing revisions during transition to Curriculog)

CRF Form (Graduate)  (will be removed March 1)

CRF Style Guide  

Undergraduate Instruction & Education

Course Auditing: Undergraduate Policy

Multiple Major Policy 

Grade Appeals

Animal Subjects: Undergraduate Policy

Policy on the Posthumous Awarding of Degrees and Certificates of Attendance

Graduate Groups

Graduate Group Bylaws Review Policy

Graduate Group Bylaws Template

Graduate Group Policies and Procedures Template and Instructions 

Graduate Instruction & Mentoring

Non-Ladder Faculty Eligibility to Teach Graduate Courses Policy

Request Form for Grad Instruction for Non-Ladder Faculty

Graduate Students Teaching Graduate Students

Animal Subjects Policy (Graduate)

Policy on the Posthumous Awarding of Degrees and Certificates of Attendance

Course Auditing Policy (Graduate)

Mentoring Guidelines

Procedures for Appointing a Graduate Student as IOR for Upper Division UG Courses

Petition to Appoint a Graduate Student as IOR for Upper Division UG Courses  


University Extension Non-Degree Programs

           Establishment of UCM Extension Non Degree Programs Approval Process

           Preparing the UCM Extension Non Degree Proposal

           Non Degree Program Proposal Cover Sheet (Submit with Proposal to the Senate Office)