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AY 2018-2019 Senate Slate




Kurt Schnier, Chair

Anne Kelley, Vice Chair

Jessica Trounstine

Jay Sharping

LeRoy Westerling

Michael Scheibner

Linda Hirst

Ignacio López-Calvo

Laura Hamilton

Clarissa Nobile

Christopher Viney*

Peter Vanderschraaf

Shawn Newsam

Yanbao Ma 

Ignacio López-Calvo, Chair

Nella Van Dyke, Vice Chair

Heather Bortfeld, UCM

David F. Kelley, UCM

Ashlie Martini, UCM (from spring '19)

Philip Roeder, UCSD

Charles Glabe, UCI

Reza Abbaschian, UCR

Parama Roy, UCD (spring '18-spring '19)

Jessica Trounstine, Chair

Patti LiWang, Vice Chair

Mukesh Singhal

Kathleen Hull

Anne Kelley




Linda Hirst, Chair

Jeff Gilger, Vice Chair

Tom Hansford

Jan Wallander

Robin DeLugan

ShiPu Wang

Mike Dawson

Arnold Kim


Michael Scheibner, Chair

TBD, Vice Chair

Miguel Carreira-Perpiñan 

Steve Wooding 

Anand Subramaniam

Emily Moran

Shilpa Khatri (spring '19)

Christopher Viney, Chair

Anna Song, Vice Chair 

Christine Isborn

Boaz Ilan




Clarissa Nobile, Chair

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Vice Chair

Ahmed Arif

David Jennings

Laura Hamilton, Chair

Carolin Frank, Vice Chair

Néstor Oviedo

Sungjin Im

Jayson Beaster-Jones

LeRoy Westerling, Chair

Hrant Hratchian, Vice Chair

Maria DePrano

Rose Scott

Andy LiWang

Teamrat Ghezzehei

Chih-Wen Ni

Christina Torres-Rouff

Fred Wolf (fall '18)





Maria DePrano, Chair

Kathleen Hull, CAPRA rep.

Justin Cook, UGC rep.

Stephen Wooding, COR rep.

Christina Torres-Rouff, GC rep.

Robert Hillman, Chair

Tom Joo, Vice Chair

Jan Wallander

Andy LiWang

Susan Amussen

Jay Sharping, Chair

Catherine Keske, Vice Chair

Sholeh Quinn

Justin Cook

Michelle Leslie

James Palko

Susan Amussen

Jesus Sandoval-Hernandez


Catherine Keske, Chair

Mike Cleary

TBD, SSHA rep.

*non-voting member


DivCo: Division Council

CAP: Committee on Academic Personnel

CAPRA: Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation

CoC: Committee on Committees

COR: Committee on Research

CRE: Committee on Rules and Elections

D&E: Diversity and Equity

FWAF: Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom

GC: Graduate Council

LASC: Library and Scholarly Communication

P&T: Privilege and Tenure

UGC: Undergraduate Council