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Rules and Elections (CRE)


The Committee on Rules and Elections (CRE) advises the Division on proposed legislation and on all matters of organization, jurisdiction, and interpretation of legislation. Upon formal request, CRE issues legislative rulings interpreting the Code of the Merced Division of the Academic Senate. CRE also reviews changes in Bylaws and Regulations submitted to the Divisional Assembly or to a Faculty of the Merced Division, and supervises all elections of the Division. 
For a complete description of CRE’s duties please see the committee’s bylaws.

AY 23-24 Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

2023-2024 Membership

Current Members:


Ex-Officio (non-voting):

  • Matt Hibbing, Senate Chair, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (Spring 2024)

  • Kevin Mitchell, Senate Vice-Chair, School of Natural Sciences (Spring 2024)

*Professor Patricia LiWang, School of Natural Sciences, served as the Senate Chair and Ex-Officio in Fall 2023.

*Professor Matt Hibbing, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, served as the Senate Vice-Chair and Ex-Officio in Fall 2023.

Corresponding System Committee:




Fatima Paul

Executive Director



Sang Lee

Senate Analyst


Petra Martins

Senate Analyst