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Merced Division

Undergraduate Council (UGC)


Undergraduate Council (UGC) establishes policy for undergraduate education on the Merced campus and advises the Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee on all matters pertaining to undergraduate education. UGC reviews, coordinates, and takes final action on all matters relating to courses of undergraduate instruction and approves or declines to approve, the establishment, discontinuation, or modification of undergraduate programs, majors, minors, courses, and certificates. UGC maintains liaison with the following systemwide committees:
For a complete description of UGC’s duties please see the committee’s bylaws

AY 21-22 Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

2021-2022 Membership 

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting:

Non-Senate Academic Council Representative, Non-Voting:

  • TBD, Continuing Lecturer, Merrit Writing Program

Corresponding Systemwide Committees:

Calendars of Academic Programs and Courses:

Former Members


Melanie Snyder

Senate Analyst