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Merced Division

Academic Senate Awards and Research Grants



Dr. Fred Spiess Award for Distinguished Service to the Academic Senate Carolin Frank SNS
Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award for a Senate Faculty Holley Moyes SSHA
Distinguished Graduate Teaching/Mentorship Award Fred Wolf SNS
Distinguished Early Career Research Award Jennifer Howell SSHA
Distinction in Research Award ShiPu Wang SSHA
Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award Anna Song SSHA
Excellence in Faculty Mentorship Award Ashlie Martini SOE
Contributions to Diversity Award Rudy Ortiz SNS
Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching for a Non-Senate Faculty Award Alexander Khislavsky SSHA

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  (Past Recipients)


The Academic Senate offers grants to Senate faculty through its annual faculty grants program.  The grants program is managed by the Senate Commitee on Research.

2020-2021 recipients  (Past Recipients)

PI Co-PI(s)   Project Title 



Amount Funded
David Ardell   Summer Research Funding for Theoretical Investigations into the Origin  of Cells SNS $9,746.00
Daniel Beller   Predicting Liquid Crystal-Mediated Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles SNS $10,000.00
Gordon Bennett   Developing gene manipulation technologies to test fundamental hypotheses in animal-bacterial interactions SNS $10,000.00
Hui Cai  

Exploring Novel Quantum States in Two-Dimensional Materials under Extreme Pressure

SNS $9,999.49
Michael Cleary   VU-tagging: a chemical/genetic method for identification of cell type-specific mRNAs SNS $9,940.00
Danielle L. Edwards   Testing how barriers to reproduction form during the process of speciation SNS $10,000.00
Petra Kranzfelder Erik Menke, Laura Beaster-Jones

Transforming Teaching and Learning in the Sciences at a Hispanic-Serving Institution through a Graduate Teaching Assistant Program

SNS $9,924.00
Ramendra Saha   A study of BAF complex functions in neurons using novel inhibitors SNS $10,000.00
Michael Scheibner   Evading Noise in Sensing with Semiconductor Quantum Materials SNS $10,000.00
Sachin Goyal   Pre-symptomatic Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease Using Machine Learning SOE $10,000.00
Hua Huang Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán Tongue shape estimation via magnetic sensing: recording device and AI-based algorithms SOE $20,000.00
Hyeran Jeon Dong Li Enabling Large Model Training on Heterogeneous Memory through Runtime Data Management and Architecture Support SOE $19,000.00
Victor Muñoz  

Synthetic Host Decoys Based on Fluorescence Protein Biosensing and Multivalent Adhesion for Instant Molecular Diagnostics: COVID-19 Detection as Proof of Concept

SOE $10,000.00
Shijia Pan   TeethVib: Detecting Teeth Ill-Fitting Through Mouth-Guard Vibration Sensing SOE $10,000.00
Xiaoyi Lu Wan Du A Networking and Data Processing Infrastructure for Collaborative Research on Agriculture between UC Merced and Merced College SOE $20,000.00
Paul Almeida   Preservation and Analysis of Central American Protest Music SSHA $7,530.42
Aditya Dasgupta   Pre-colonial States and Contemporary Agricultural Development SSHA $10,000.00
Mariaelena Gonzalez   Effects of covid-19 on substance use among a Latino young adult enrolled in college SSHA $10,000.00
Tom Hansford   Public Attitudes Regarding the U.S. Constitution SSHA $8,980.00
Brad LeVeck   Leadership and Collective Intelligence in Bargaining Games SSHA $10,000.00
Manuel M. Martín-Rodriguez   Literature and Historiography in the Borderlands of Colonial America SSHA $4,880.00
Muey C. Saeteurn   Custodians of Tea: A History of Tea Producers in Late-Colonial and Independent Kenya SSHA $5,000.00
Beth K. Scaffidi  

Isotopic Markers for Malnutrition, Disease, and Biological Sex in Human Skeletons

SSHA $10,000.00
Andrew Shaver   Media Reporting on International Affairs SSHA $10,000.00
Ketki Sheth   Do Financial Incentives Change Beliefs? A Field Experiment in Uganda SSHA $9,907.50
Meredith Van Natta   COVID-19 & Immigrant Serving Community Clinics in California’s Central Valley SSHA $10,000.00