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Curriculum Management System Information

September 14, 2017

Our campus is implementing a Curriculum Management System, which will streamline the submission and approvals of all undergraduate and graduate courses as a basis for the campus catalog. A team of leads from Graduate Council, Information Technology, Registrar’s Office and Undergraduate Council, along with representatives from the Schools and the Academic Senate Office, have partnered and selected Digarc Curriculog as a system that reflects faculty and staff priorities. The implementation phase of this project has started, and all faculty will be using the new system in the spring of 2018.

Benefits of this new curriculum management system include:

  • Automated workflow for Graduate Courses
  • Flexible workflows that support Schools, Graduate and Undergraduate unique procedures 
  • Email notifications and reminders to course approvers
  • Integration with the Catalog that improves the course modification process
  • One system of record for all courses 

Key Dates

Several planning factors are worth anticipating throughout this year, so that faculty and staff are well served during this transition to a comprehensive system. Please note the following key dates:

  • Fall 2017 – Early Adopter Faculty Pilot period for course requests to be implemented in Spring 2019.
  • December 15, 2017 – The existing CRF system will be closed to new / revised CRFs for effective term Fall 2018. By this date, all undergraduate and graduate CRFs with an effective term of Fall 2018 must be submitted to the old system.
  • March 2018 – Curriculog goes live for for all undergraduate and graduate course proposals for Spring 2019 effective term onward.

System Pilot

Want to be the first to use the new system? We anticipate that the system will be intuitive for faculty and staff; however, any new process benefits from practice and engagement. Join the course request form pilot or a related training session. Please contact Melissa Tessier ( to participate.

  • Fall 2017: Current Faculty leads from graduate and undergraduate programs were invited to be early adopters and pilot the course request forms implemented for effective term Spring 2019.     * All faculty are welcome to participate to gain an early start on submitting courses implemented with an effective term of Spring 2019 .*
  • January-February 2018: New faculty are encouraged to participate in this pilot and submit course requests for Spring 2019 effective term.

Exception Process 

The team implementing the new system understands that you may have special circumstances that prevent submission by the December 15 deadline. If so, please email the project team at  to request details about the exception process. All exception requests will be reviewed by the project chairs and the School curriculum managers.


Training sessions, with support resources, will be available to the pilot team and for all users prior to going live. Additional information and training calendars to be released at a later time.

The campus’s review policies are unchanged, and the baseline deadlines for generating the catalog are the same (course submissions must be approved by March 2018 in order to be included in the catalog for the next academic year).


For general project information or questions, email us at or reach out directly to your curriculum manager.

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