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Charge for the General Education Subcommittee of UGC


The General Education Subcommittee of the Undergraduate Council (UGC) consists of no fewer than five and no greater than eight Senate faculty members, with a minimum of two who also serve on UGC. The Chair of the Subcommittee is appointed by the Committee on Committees to serve a one-year term beginning the first day of Fall semester. The Vice Chair of the Subcommittee will normally succeed to the position of Chair the following year. The Committee on Committees will appoint a new Vice Chair for each academic year. Each school should be represented. 

The Senate faculty are voting members of the Subcommittee. Up to two non-voting members include non-senate teaching faculty representative(s) who have regular GE course assignments, ideally in a range of instructional formats.  

Ex-officio members include the Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Coordinator of Institutional Assessment, and a representative of a required GE course (*unless otherwise represented among the faculty committee members).


Broadly conceived, the Subcommittee is responsible for strategic planning for general education, with an emphasis on sustainable curricula and integrated assessment planning in support of intended general education learning outcomes. In particular, the General Education Subcommittee is charged to:

  • Provide recommendations to UGC on criteria for approving undergraduate general education courses;
  • Oversee and coordinate activities relating to the assessment of general education, including the use of results to inform curricula, practices, and processes in support of intended student learning;
  • Advise on staffing and resource needs associated with supporting general education courses, programs, and related assessment; and
  • Review and, as necessary, suggest changes in general education principles and policies, to UGC for final consideration and approval.


May 2015

Charge for the General Education Subcommittee of UGC - PDF