Committee on Committees (COC)


  • The Committee on Committees will elect its own chair and secretary, and make its own rules of procedure that are not inconsistent with the bylaws and regulations of the Senate and the Merced Division. The retiring Committee on Committees will delegate one of its holdover members to call the new committee on committees together for the first meeting. 
  • The committee will make appointments to fill vacancies in standing or special committees, or to replace officers of the Merced division because of resignation, prolonged illness or disability or dismissal for cause. In making replacement selections, the committee will consult in confidence with other committees, appointing bodies and the Division Council.  A person appointed to fill a vacancy will take office at once and serve for the full remaining term. The committee will report such replacement appointments to the division. 
  • When a vacancy in its own membership occurs, the committee may appoint a member of the division to serve the unexpired part of the term. In filling a vacancy, the committee is instructed to give consideration to nominees not elected but receiving the highest vote in the immediately preceding election.
  • The committee will call for nominees and volunteers from the faculty to fill positions on committees it appoints, but is not obligated to accept any such nominees and volunteers. No one will be appointed without his or her consent.
  • The committee will solicit and ratify nominations of student members to committees on educational affairs from the appropriate undergraduate and/or graduate student government organizations. 
  • The committee will consult in confidence with other committees and with the divisional council when making appointments, taking into consideration whether new committee assignments will be overly burdensome for any given faculty member.
  • Members of the committee are eligible to serve as officers of the division, and as members, chairs or vice chairs of other divisional committees.

2016-2017 Membership

Ex-Officio (non-voting)

  • Susan Amussen, Senate Chair, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Fatima Paul
Associate Director
Office: 209-228-7930