Division Council (DivCo)


  • Proposes legislation to the division as it deems necessary.
  • Acts on behalf of the division on matters other than legislative matters retained by the division.
  • Advises the division and its officers and representatives on matters of policy.
  • With the advice of the Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation, the Graduate Council and the Undergraduate Council, makes recommendations to the chancellor on the establishment and disestablishment of academic units on the Merced campus, including colleges, schools and departments.
  • With the advice of the Committee on Research, makes recommendations to the chancellor on the establishment and disestablishment of organized research units, centers, institutes, bureaus and the like.
  • Receives and distributes to the appropriate agency or agencies reports from standing and special committees of the division and from academic program and organized research unit review committees. Forwards the formal advice of standing committees to the chancellor.
  • Coordinates activities of divisional standing and special committees.
  • Facilitates and expedites consultations between administration and appropriate committees of the division; establishes special committees to study and report to the divisional assembly on concerns that are not within the jurisdiction of existing committees; is available for consultation with the chancellor or chancellor's designee concerning the establishment of administrative task forces; communicates with appropriate divisional committees relative to the establishment of task forces by the campus administration.
  • Advises the chancellor or chancellor's designee on the performance of principal administrative officers, such as vice chancellors, deans and associate deans.
  • Places items it considers routine on a consent calendar to be submitted to a meeting of the division.
  • Informs members of the Division of its agenda and actions by regularly circulated reports, public forums, Divisional newsletter or other channels.
  • Orders a ballot by mail if a quorum was not achieved at a divisional meeting on any matter, including legislation that was presented in the notice for that meeting.
  • With the advice of the Committee on Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom, reports to the division on matters of university and faculty welfare, including administrative practices.
  • Studies and reports conditions that may affect the academic freedom of the university or of individual faculty members.
  • Sets the size of committees not otherwise specified in these bylaws
  • Approves or denies student petitions that diverge from divisional regulations. This authority may be delegated to the appropriate committees of any college, school or the Graduate Council. If the authority is delegated, each committee must submit a report to the divisional council at the end of the academic year summarizing the disposition of the petitions brought to it.
  • Acts on behalf of the Merced division in recommending to the president of the university candidates for degrees and honors in a school, college or graduate division subject to the jurisdiction of the Merced division. At its discretion, the Division Council may recommend candidates under suspension of divisional and Senate regulations, provided that each petition submitted by a candidate has been approved by the appropriate faculty or the Graduate Council. Such petitions may include those for the awarding of posthumous degrees. The committee, after forwarding its recommendations to the president, maintains in the Academic Senate office a record of its actions, including separate lists of the names of candidates recommended under suspension of the regulations.

2016-2017 Membership

Laura Martin
Executive Director
Phone: 209-228-7954