Graduate Council (GC)


  • Makes policy for graduate education at UC Merced and discharges duties in accordance with the stipulations of Senate Bylaw 330.
  • Grants certificates of admission to qualified applicants for graduate status; admits qualified students to candidacy for degrees to be conferred on graduate students; appoints committees in charge of candidates' studies to certify for every candidate before recommendation for a higher degree that the candidate has fulfilled the requirements of the university pertaining to that degree. The Graduate Council may delegate all or part of these authorities to the vice provost and dean of graduate education.
  • Makes recommendations to the Senate Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs, subject to approval by the Merced division, concerning new graduate programs leading to existing graduate degrees, the establishment of new graduate degrees and any substantial change to existing graduate programs.
  • Authorizes, supervises and regulates all graduate courses and graduate programs of instruction. The Graduate Council will coordinate with the Undergraduate Council in carrying out these duties for conjoined graduate courses.
  • Periodically reviews and evaluates all graduate programs of study in coordination with the Undergraduate Council and the Periodic Review Oversight Committee, as appropriate.
  • Acts on behalf of the division in reviewing recommendations from the Graduate Division concerning the award of graduate degrees, certificates and honors (see UC Merced Bylaw Part IV).
  • Advises the vice provost and dean of graduate education on allocation of graduate student support funds and recommends the award of all fellowships and graduate scholarships and prizes. Annually, determines the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award winner. 
  • Sets policies and standards for appointment of graduate students to be teaching assistants, teaching fellows, research assistants and recipients of university fellowships.
  • Makes recommendations to the division on the award of prizes to faculty for graduate teaching.
  • Considers any graduate student policy issue or relevant aspect of student affairs insofar as these have educational implications or may affect the academic quality of the institution; advises the Graduate Division, provost and executive chancellor and the chancellor on any such issue. In carrying out this function, the Graduate Council will coordinate with the Undergraduate Council, as appropriate.
  • Consistent with Senate bylaws 20 and 330C, the Graduate Council may delegate to the vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education routine administrative decisions related to the regulations and policies of the Graduate Council and other matters to its committees or executive officers. The Graduate Council will monitor and review these delegated decisions on an annual basis, and revise its delegation guidelines accordingly. 
  • Advises the Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation, the division, provost and executive chancellor, and the chancellor on planning, management and budgetary issues related to graduate education needs.
  • Advises on graduate matters of university extension. 

2016-2017 Membership

Ex-Officio (non-voting):
  • Nicholas Dove, Graduate Student Representative
  • Marjorie Zatz, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education
  • Susan Amussen, Senate Chair, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
  • Kurt Schnier, Senate Vice Chair, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Laura Martin
Executive Director