Rules and Elections (CRE)


  • Prepares and reports for action by the Division Assembly such changes and additions to the bylaws and regulations as it may deem advisable; submits to any faculty of the Merced division such changes and additions to their bylaws and regulations as it may deem advisable. The committee is authorized to make editorial and conforming non-substantive changes in bylaws and regulations with regard to numbering, headings, cross-references, organizational titles, details of style and similar items. It will report such changes to the organization directly concerned.
  • Reviews all changes in bylaws and regulations submitted to the Division Assembly or to a faculty member of the Merced division by other committees or by individuals to verify and ensure conformity of such proposed legislation with the format and content of the Code of the Academic Senate. The committee or individual responsible for legislation found that is not compatible with the Code of the Academic Senate will be informed of the section(s) of the code with which the proposed legislation is in conflict.
  • Edits and publishes, at intervals as it may deem expedient, the Manual of the Academic Senate, Merced Division.
  • Advises the chair of the division as to whether proposed legislation is solely of divisional concern.
  • Advises the division, its officers, committees, faculties and members in all matters of organization, jurisdiction and interpretation of legislation of the Academic Senate and its agencies.
  • Issues, upon a formal request from a member of the division, legislative rulings interpreting the Code of the Merced Division of the Academic Senate.
    • a. Such rulings will remain in effect until modified by legislative or regental action.
    • b. Such rulings are subject to review by the division, either when the report is created or by petition signed by 25 voting members of the division. The final date for filing such petition is 10 days after the minutes of the division reporting the decision are placed in the mail.
    • c. If the division disapproves the report of the committee, the committee must at once draft legislation that expresses the intent of the division.
    • d. Rulings of the committee in these matters must be published in the call for the first regular division meeting following the committee's decision. All rulings of the Committee on Rules and Elections not superseded by legislative or regental action will appear in an appendix of the Division Manual.
  • Advises the registrar regarding disposition of his or her responsibilities in administering the Regulations of the Academic Senate and its agencies.
  • Supervises all elections of the division in accordance with rules determined by the Merced division. The committee also oversees voting on propositions submitted to the Merced division by ballot.

2016-2017 Membership

Ex-Officio (non-voting)
  • Susan Amussen, Senate Chair, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
  • Kurt Schnier, Senate Vice Chair, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Fatima Paul
Associate Director